Coding for Fish

The coders had been at it for 36 hours when I arrived at the Fishackathon at the Monterey Bay Aquarium early on a Sunday morning in June. The room set aside for their work was eerily silent, littered with empty Red Bull cans and half-eaten pizza. A few bleary-eyed programmers sat staring at their laptop screens, but most of the hackers were passed out under fish tanks and kelp forests in the aquarium’s exhibition halls.

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Read Presents Case Study at Asia Parks Congress

In November 2013, OceanWork founder Tory Read traveled to Sendai, Japan, to participate in the first Asia Parks Congress. The Congress brought together government, NGOs, scientists, business leaders and donors to assess the state of marine and terrestrial protected areas across Asia. At the meeting, Read presented a well-received case study on ecotourism in Nusa Penida MPA in Indonesia.

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