Forging New Partnerships at the World Ocean Summit

Read participated in the second Economist World Ocean Summit in February 2014. Held in Half Moon Bay, CA, the three-day event brought together leaders from government, industry and multilateral organizations, along with scientists and environmental campaigners, to discuss critical issues facing our oceans, including governance, sustainability and natural capital valuation and a blue economy. Interactive breakout sessions focused on accelerating solutions to overfishing, collective governance of the high seas, integrated ocean management within EEZs, aquaculture and putting the ocean economy on a rational footing. The summit was equal parts information sharing, action planning and speed dating to form new alliances and partnerships in our shared quest for a healthy ocean. Read met Fanny Douvere at the Summit, and they are collaborating to bring new resources to UNESCO’s World Heritage Marine Programme, which includes 46 of the world’s premier marine reserves and marine protected areas.