Sustainable Landscape Partnership – Strategic Communications Package

Conservation International, USAID, Walton Family Foundation

Target audiences were confused about the mission, goals and core work of a comprehensive, landscape-scale conservation program in Indonesia.

Develop core messages, overview brochure, success stories; train program staff to use core messages and success stories to attract new partners; train program staff to use an overarching strategic communications framework and tool.

External audiences understand the work and value of the program; new partners joined to initiative; internal staff audiences understand how their work fits together and links to the overarching mission.

Guidance, strategy, training, research, writing, photography.

Stories from the Field: A Green School for North Sumatra

Stories from the Field: Village Creates Conservation Agreement to Protect Forests

+ Stories from the Field: Strategic Environmental Assessments in Development Plans

+ Stories from the Field: Clean Energy Cookstoves Reduce Carbon Emissions and Improve Livelihoods

+ Stories from the Field: Making Palm Oil Sustainable Isn’t Optional, It’s the Law